Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Penitent by C. David Belt

Wow! I just finished reading The Penitent by C. David Belt. What can I say about this book? How about amazing!
The book is told from Moira's point of view, and it was thrilling to read.
This book takes you in so many emotional directions: spiritual, happy, sad, sighing at the romantic parts, scared, and the reader will be thrilled from the first page.
The characters are more fleshed out in this, the second volume. You'll find yourself falling in love with them all over again.
The author knows how to insert gospel truths into a vampire novel in a way that you never thought would be possible. It's not preachy, but touching and informative. The author inserts many Book of Mormon stories and uses them in a way to teach vampires and the reader gospel truths.
The plot continues from the first volume picking up with the same characters, and adding new exciting ones as well. I found myself riveted to this novel. The author wrote so much excitement into this volume that it will become addictive.
This volume is brilliant, thoughtful, inspiring, and Moira is as always, loveable!

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