Friday, April 19, 2013

Tales of Aradia The Last Witch Volume Two

My review tonight is on Tales of Aradia The Last Witch Volume Two by L.A. Jones.
This book was one amazing roller coaster ride! The author has a way of making each character vivid and real, and making the reader fall in love or hate with them.
This book was slightly darker in tone and feel than the first volume, but it was necessary for the story to continue to unfold the way it was supposed to.
I loved this story that touched on so many serious topics that need to be talked about, especially by the targeted audience.
Once again the author has done a great job!
5 Stars!

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Aura by Rebecca Lynn Talley

My review today is on Aura by Rebecca Lynn Talley.
I will be completely honest and say that this is the first book that I have read for review that has scared the heck out of me. I loved it!
This book is completely unique and extremely interesting. As the main character, Crystal sees people changing all around her, you are drawn in. She has to use the Light within her to try to conquer the demons that are quickly surrounding her. It was an intense read.
The way the author tells this story is incredible. I wanted to read more and was sad when it was over. Even though the ending scenes are perfect.
5 huge stars to Rebecca Lynn Talley!!!

Monday, April 1, 2013

The Moon Stealers and the Everlasting Night

My next review is on Book 3 in the Moon Stealers series: The Moon Stealers and the Everlasting Night by Tim Flanagan.
This book is delightfully gripping and addictive from the first paragraph! I have to say that, in my opinion, this is the best book in the series. It's darker than the first two, but it's an intense ride to take your imagination on. It's worth the edge of your seat anxiety that is absolutely delicious.
Once again he has created a fascinating world with believable people out of his imagination. This world is an action packed adventure of epic proportions.
He can do what few writers can do well and that is shift from of person's point of view to another effortlessly and with no confusion to the reader.
He can also write in new characters that you immediately love and care about. His writing style seems flawless and impeccable on the page.
He is a very visual writer, so the pictures develop in your mind as you read. The movie that plays is unbelievable.
5 Stars Mr. Flanagan!